Top 5 home remodel Ideas-Sonoma County

Best Decks

You would like to improve you home but not sure where to start?

At Clark Innovative we specialize in all aspects of home improvement. Ranging from Kitchen & Bath remodels, to exterior siding, roofing & solar, we have the skills to get it done.

The Top 5 most popular improvements

5. Fencing replacement 

We take pride in our fencing work, using the best materials and making sure your fence is built to stand the test of time. In addition to  clean and careful craftsmanship, we also recommend ways to improve the cosmetics and increase the life your fence with the highest quality sealers.

Best fences
Custom Fence in Santa Rosa 

4. Decks (New and/or replacements)

You can significantly improve the look and curb appeal with a new Deck. Whether it be ground or second level, decks are a great way to bring your living to the outdoors.  With proper engineering and construction you can rest assured that your structure will last. In many cases we use steel to re enforce the areas that are prone to degradation with weather over time.

Best Decks
Steel re-enforced stairs Santa Rosa

3. Roofing & Solar

Considering the high cost of power in this day, many of us are leaning toward green energy as a resource not just to save money, but to preserve our environment. With the federal benefit still at 24% return, Solar is a viable choice.

The life of Solar applications to be upwards of 25 years, therefor it also makes sense to make sure the Roofing system underneath is fresh as well. At Clark Innovative we can handle the complete package, and with less overhead. We can also offer a more reasonable price point than some of the local large companies, which are known for unusually high scale pricing.

Roofing & Solar
Roofing & Solar

2. Bathroom Remodels

In most houses with standard construction, and the extreme use and moisture content of the area, therefore bathrooms see an unusual amount of degradation. Given the bath area needs to be used frequently, remodels very  popular.

We pride ourselves in the details and craftsmanship of all of our bathroom remodels making sure that the area is not only pleasing to the eye, but resilient to the harsh environment. We give attention to all the aspects of a bathroom system, from rough & finish  plumbing, all the way to the quality of the tile, & even the finish trim and paint work.

High end Bath Remodel
Floor level shower with floating toilet in Rohnert Park

1. Custom Kitchen Remodels

Kitchens are the number one desired home upgrade rendering excellent gains in your home equity as well as an enlightening increase in enjoyment of the home.Kitchen remodels can range from simple upgrades, to full scale remodels involving restructure and large scale additions. We are happy to serve with any of your kitchen improvement needs. Granite & Quartz counter tops, Tile Back splashes & Flooring, unique lighting & fixture design, and custom floor plan applications are just some of the options. There are endless possibilities to improve the favorite room in the house.

Custom Kitchen remodel
Kitchen upgrade in Rohnert Park

Team Mentality

At Clark innovative, we don’t just say we are a team, We act like it. We collectively share a wide range of experience in all the construction trades. People on the job not only like what they do, but they are among the best in their trade, whether it be framing & carpentry, to plumbing, roofing & tile. Our company philosophy is based on recognition that the technicians sustain the entity and reputation. Most importantly, our team members know that their hard work will be appreciated and recognized, and not just with a pat on the back. The is our secret to achieving success.